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All TEDxYouth Events at HaileyburyAstana

If you are interested in TEDx and have looked to attend a TEDx conference, our conference at Haileybury Astana is the best choice. We have had speakers from all around, including ambassadors, University Students, our own students and many more different speakers who spoke with an open mind about issues that affect our daily life. If you want to find out more read the page created by the official school website about the amazing achievements that TEDx has had at Haileybury Astana

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Past TEDxYouth@HaileyburyAstana Events

The first TEDxYouth@HaileyburyAstana event was held in 2021, organised by the school's sixth form. This has since become an annual event.

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With the slogan 'tackle the problems of tomorrow', speeches explored topics ranging from sexual education to habit creation to breakthroughs in energy generation.

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With the slogan "unique" we gave our speakers a challenge. Our speeches were tasked to come up with speeches that talk about what is "Uniqueness". Ranging from sexuality to sports our speakers gave their perspectives on what it is to be unique in a contemporary world.

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